Business Opportunity

In the unpredictable business, the success of a singer’s career cannot be assured. The manager’s hard work may not accomplish success for the singer, in which case the manager makes only a modest earning or nothing at all. On the other hand, the manager gets a generous compensation upon achievement of the singer’s success. Clearly, from the artist’s position, the manager simply does not get paid if the singer does not earn and there is no money to pay with. Certainly, the artist may get only one opportunity for success since the artist has only one career. However the manager may have several opportunities for success if he manages other singers as well (Guide to Music Industry Agreements
The music manager is a major player in the life of a singer; however his duties to the singer are the most complex to plainly describe. The manager is accountable for the artist’s career promotions, career counselling, and assistance in making decisions and career goals. With the growing digital music, more diversified music genres and a bigger competition in the music industry, the artist owes a great deal to the music manager for the permanence of the singer’s position in the ever-changing and fast-paced music industry (ed. LaPolt 2012: p. 415).